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OpenEye Software Manuals

We've moved the content from our software manuals, originally in pdf format, to the OpenEye Knowledge Base. To help those familiar with the pdf manuals that may be looking for the updated content, we've created an outline below for where to find the information you need in the Knowledge Base.


OWS Cloud Portal  Apex Server Software

Logging into OWS

Channel Partner Portal

Customer Account Portal

Creating and Managing Customer Accounts

Global Defaults for Customer Accounts

Users and User Groups

Channel Partner User Management

Customer User Management



Channel Partner Tools

Order and Shipping Report

System Design Tool

End User Functions

Web Connect

Local and Standard Connections

Recorder Management

Web Services Permissions

Remote Client Permissions

System Requirements

Installation and Setup

Setup Menu

General Configuration

Advanced Camera Management

System Settings

Network Configuration


Sensor / Relay


Web Services

Tools and Logs

Advanced Network Management

Web Client 

Live View


Looking for camera and recorder manuals?

OpenEye camera and recorder manuals are available on under each individual product page.

View Cameras or Recorders on

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