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OpenEye Web Services (OWS) Reports are designed to help monitor the health of a system or your business by displaying crucial information at a glance. OWS Reports provide real-time or retrospective intelligence that help businesses improve customer satisfaction, identify operational issues and prevent system downtime. There are multiple types of reports available in OWS including: Day / Night, Inventory, System Summary, and Thumbnail Reports; with visual Trend Reports for certain license types.


Types of Reports

Day / Night Reports - The Day / Night or Image Verification Report shows a day and night image from each camera and compares that to a reference image for each. This provides an easy way to identify changes to a camera’s field of view due to dirt, branches, or other image issues.

Inventory Reports - The Inventory Report lists detailed information on all recorders and cameras, such as current software version, MAC address, IP address, resolutions and more. An Inventory Report allows users to identify out-of-date software or improperly configured systems or cameras.

System Summary Reports - The System Summary Report provides a quick summary of your system to let you know of any problems. These reports are useful for tracking user login activity, video clip activity, and recorder location at a glance.

Thumbnail Reports - The Thumbnail Report displays a series of images from one or more cameras at predefined periods throughout the day. Images will be grouped by recorder and camera. These reports are useful to check in on important areas and quickly spot operational or service issues.

Trend Reports - The Trend Report shows alerts, generated by one or more Alert Rules, in graphical form to help users more effectively identify patterns or anomalies.

Best Practices
  • Create default reports to share with admins, managers or user groups.
  • Create user groups and add the user group to the report to make onboarding employees easier. By adding them to the user group, they then get access to all important reports.
  • Schedule email reminder notifications to be sent daily, weekly or monthly. Users receive a link to view the report at the set day and time right in their inbox.
Report Basics

Creating a Report

  1. Click Reports in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Add New Report.
  3. Choose a report type and click Next.
  4. Enter a Report Name and Report Description.
  5. Click Create when finished.

Adding Users to a Report

  1. Click Users/Notifications on the left-hand menu.
  2. If desired, select the checkbox to Enable Email Reminder Notifications, and do the following:
    • Enter time of day to send the email.
    • Select how frequently to send from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the day of every month to send the email.
  3. Click Add User or Add Group.
  4. Check the box next to each User or Group intended to access this report.
  5. Click Add when finished.

Note: Adding Users to a report automatically grants them permission to view reports for cameras and recorders they have access to based on their User Group permissions.

  1. Check the box under Email Alert for each user or group intended to receive the email reminder notification.
Shared Reports

Shared Reports is a Channel Partner feature that allows Channel Partner users to create universal reports for the Customer Accounts they control. 

See Shared Reports for more information.

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