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Day and Night Reports

The Day / Night or Image Verification Report shows a day and night image from each camera and compares that to a reference image for each. This provides an easy way to identify changes to a camera’s field of view due to dirt, branches, or other image issues.

Common use cases include: spot tampering or vandalism quickly, review for foliage or anything else that may have accidentally blocked the view, and verify camera functionality at the start of a security shift.

Best Practices
  • Set reminder emails at opportune times of day to ensure cameras are capturing the best images possible.
  • Create default reports to share with admins, managers or user groups.
  • Add user groups so new employees can be easily added and get access to important reports.


Creating a Day/ Night Report

Day Night Report Location.png

  1. Click Reports in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Add New Report.
  3. Choose a Day / Night Report.
  4. Enter a Report Name and Report Description.
  5. Click Create when finished.
Adding Locations to a Day / Night Report
  1. Click Reports on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit Edit button.png next to the report you want to edit.
  3. Click on the Locations tab if available.
  4. Click on Add Location Group or Add Location.
  5. Click the plus icon Green Plus button.png to add a location group or location.

Note: To apply the report to every location connected to the OWS account, select Enable Auto IncludeEnable Auto Include Switch.png This includes all existing and future locations.

  1. Click Select when finished. Select button.png
Adding Users to a Day / Night Report
  1. Click Users / Notifications.
  2. Check the box to Enable Email Reminder Notifications, then do the following:
    • Select Time of day to send the email.
    • Select How frequently to send from the dropdown menu.
    • Select Monthly, Weekly, or Daily to choose how frequently to receive an email notification, and then check when to send.
  3. Click Add User or Add Group.
  4. Click Green Add button.png to select the groups for the User account from the pop-up menu.

Email Notification Add User Selection.png

  1. Click Select when finished. Select button.png

Note: Adding Users to a report automatically grants them permission to view reports for cameras and recorders they have access to based on their User Group permissions.

  1. Check the box under Email Alert for each user or group intended to receive the email reminder notification.
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