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Web Services

These settings are found within the recorder setup menu. From the OWS Cloud Portal, click Connect next to the desired recorder under the Web Connect tab. Once in Live or Search, click Setup or gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to access.

Adding an OWS Customer Account to a Recorder using the Account Registration Code

To enable OWS on the recorder:

  1. Click Setup (gear icon) if not already in the Recorder Setup menu.
  2. Click Web Services under the Remote Services section.
  3. Enter the Registration Code (found within the OWS Channel Partner Management Portal under Customer Accounts. The code will be listed with the specific Customer Account.)
  4. Modify the recorder name if needed (this will be the label in OWS).
  5. Click Connect.

Setup Web Services.png

Additional Options

It is recommended that all are selected.

Send all Event Data to Web Services – Web Services can send alert emails when the recorder is not functioning properly or when a motion or sensor event has occurred. Web Services can also generate useful reports of the information.

Send Event Images to Web Services – Some camera images are sent to Web Services when events occur. Motion and Sensor alert emails for example contain an image of the event.

Send Status Images to Web Services – Daily images from each camera sent to Web Services and included with online reports.

Send Configuration Files to Web Services – When the configuration files change on this recorder they are uploaded to Web Services. When servicing the recorder is required they can then be retrieved.

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