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How to Add Users and User Groups

Through OpenEye Web Services, Users are never assigned permissions directly to their account. Instead, all OWS permissions are assigned to User Groups, to which a User can be added. Users in a User Group will have access to all permissions enabled in the User Group settings.
Adding New Users
  1. Users can be added from Management > User Management > Users.

EU Management Users.png

  1. Click Add New User.

Add New User Button.png

  1. Enter a First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
  2. Use the Add User to Group dropdown menu to assign the new user to a User Group.

Add New User Dropdown.png

  1. Click Add New User after the required fields are entered.

NOTE: Export from the Users page will download a CSV file containing all the details on the Users page, including the names of each User Group to which a user is added. See User List CSV Export for more information.

Adding Users to a User Group
  1. Click Edit Edit Button.png to add a User to a User Group under Group Membership.

EU Users Edit User Group Membership.png

  1. Click Add User to User Group.

Add User to User Group Button.png

  1. Click Green Add button.png to select the groups for the User account from the pop-up menu.

Add User Popup.png

  1. Click Select.
Add User Group

User Groups are classifications which grant Users permissions to access various aspects of the account. The Administrator, Super User, and User default groups cannot be edited, and it will be necessary to create a new User Group to customize permissions. To view and make changes to a User Group (other than a default one), click Edit Edit Button.png next to the desired User Group, or Create a New User Group.

1. User Groups can be created from Management > User Management > User Groups.

EU User Groups Add New User Group.png

  1. Click Add New User Group.

Add New User Group.png 

  1. Enter a Name and Description for the new User Group.

Create New User Group Popup.png

  1. Click Create.
  2. Click Edit Edit Button.png to add Users once a new group has been created.
  3. Click Add User Add User button.png and select Users from the pop-up menu. 

Add User Pop-up.png

  1. Click Select to add the User to the User Group.

NOTE: User Groups specifically configured for Administrative Access cannot enable Enable Auto Include to automatically include users to the User Group.

User Filters

Click Show Filters Show Filters.png to filter the Users list by User Name, Username / Email, Account Type, User Group, Employee ID, Job Title, or Department.

User Filters.png

NOTE: The User Groups that the User has been added to will appear in the User Group dropdown.

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