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OpenEye Server Software Releases

OpenEye's software release process includes providing access to a limited released version of OWS server software. The limited release gives users an opportunity to experience the latest features and functions, while still providing the option to remain on the general release version. This provides flexibility in choosing between versions, making it easier to manage your systems according to your specific needs.

General Release

Available in software updates, this version will receive continued updates to address issues, improve stability and increase performance. This is also the primary version used in production unless a different version is required to support the launch of hardware.

Limited Release

Available when access is enabled, this version will contain new features and functions, and could support the latest hardware compatibility. The Limited Release will receive continued updates to address known issues, improve stability and increase performance, and often becoming the new General Release.

Technical Preview

The technical preview is a release dedicated to support new features and functions that can be installed using the URL Install Method (rather than OWS software updates). Available through the OpenEye team, there may be multiple Technical Previews available at any time.

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