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Channel Partner User Management

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) simplifies User Management and permissions by moving them to the cloud. This includes managing Channel Partner Users within your team.  User Groups allow you to align permissions to your company's operations.  Changes are instantly pushed to all Users and associated devices, significantly reducing the burden on IT and Operations.



Users and User Groups can be accessed by clicking Management and selecting Users or User Groups from the dropdown menu.

Best Practices
  • Set up User Groups based on job description and level of access to manage Users. Create as many groups as you need to align with operations.
  • Configure permissions for your User Groups before adding Users. This workflow ensures you’ve added the proper permissions for the group.
  • Create a test User account and add it to a User Group to test if the group permissions function as expected.
  • Never set up all Users as Administrators. Granting too many permissions can cause more issues and extra support work.
User Groups

OWS employs User Groups to make it easy to make changes, streamline setup and ensure that no one gets left out of updates or changes. Users in a User Group will have access to all permissions enabled in the User Group settings.

User Groups created at a Channel Partner level will have permissions pertaining to the Customer Accounts controlled by the Channel Partner. User Groups created at the Customer Account level will have permissions pertaining to access and management of recorders and cameras.

Channel Partner accounts have an Administrator User Group created by default. These default groups cannot be edited, and it will be necessary to create a new User Group to customize permissions. To view and make changes to a User Group (other than a default one), click Edit next to the desired User Group, or Create a New User Group.

Creating a new User Group
  1. Under the Management tab, select User Groups in the dropdown menu.

CP Management User Groups.png

  1. Click Add New User GroupAdd New User Group Button.png
  2. Enter a User Group Name and a Description.

OWS Add New User Group.png

  1. Click Create when finished.
Select Channel Partner User Group Permissions

Once the User Group is created, click Edit Edit Button.png to select the User Group Permissions. See Channel Partner User Group Permissions for more information.

Add Users to User Group

Add Users to the new group by clicking Add User Add User button.png and checking the box next to each name to be included. See How to Add Users and User Groups for more information.

Adding new Channel Partner Users

It is recommended to first create the User Groups, aligning to your business's operations and selecting the permissions each group would require, and then create new Users and add them to those groups.

Add new Channel Partner Users to your Channel Partner Account
  1. Under the Management tab, select Users in the dropdown menu.

CP Management Users.png

  1. Click Add New User

Add New User Button.png

  1. Enter a Name and Email.

Add New User Pop-up.png

  1. Select a User Group from the Add User to Group dropdown to which this User should belong; (the User Groups should already be created).
  2. Click Add New User when finished.
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