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Order and Shipping Report

The Order and Shipping Report in OpenEye Web Services (OWS) gives Channel Partners access to the latest information on their orders with OpenEye. Updated in real-time, the Order and Shipping Report details important order information, including ship to company, purchase order, invoice number, product model and serial number, order date, shipping details, and a link to review the latest shipping status.

The Order and Shipping Report eliminates the need for partners to contact OpenEye for shipping status or updates, saving time by providing the information you need, when you need it.



View Order and Shipping Report

NOTE: If you can't see the Order & Shipping Report from the Management dropdown menu, you may need to have Permissions enabled.

To access the Order and Shipping Report, go to Management > Operations > Order and Shipping Report from the Channel Partner Portal.

Order & Shipping Reports.png

By default, the landing page will show all orders within the past month.

Order & Shipping Report Table.png

NOTE: If no data appears in the Order and Shipping Report, contact your sales representative.


You can perform a quick search of the table from the Search Bar. Search Bar.png 

NOTE: A Search will not be saved after navigating away from the Order & Shipping Report. Applied Filters will be saved.


You can narrow the information shown in the table by applying filters. Click Show Filters to bring up the Filter fields. Show Filters.png


Each filter field corresponds to a column in the table. You can use the dropdown arrows in each field to search through existing information. You can use multiple filters at the same time.

Click Apply to filter. Apply Button.png

Click Export to export the filtered table as an Excel file. Export Button.png

NOTE: If no filters are applied, the Excel file will contain all information in the Order & Shipping Report for the Channel Partner.

Click Hide Filters to close Filters. Hide Filters.png 

NOTE: No information entered in the Filter fields will be applied if you click Hide Filters before applying.

Click Clear All Filters to clear the filter fields. Clear All Filters Button.png

Tracking Number

Click a number in the Tracking Number field to navigate to a Google page showing the tracking status attached to that number.

Table Customization

The table can be further customizing by mousing over the arrow Table Arrow.png or dropdown menu Table Dropdown Menu.png in each column header. See Table Functionality for more information.


To view the Order and Shipping Report, the permission must first be granted.

The permission can be found in the Channel Partner Portal under Management > User Management > User Groups.

  1. Click EDIT next to the User Group that requires permission.
  2. Click Channel Partner Permissions on the left-hand menu.
  3. Check the box next to Order and Shipping Report under Operations.

Order & Shipping Report Channel Partner Permissions.png

NOTE: The Administrator User Group has the permission enabled by default. 

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