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Live and Search

There are multiple ways to access Live and Search in OpenEye Web Services. 

Web Browser

Once logged in to the OWS Cloud Portal,

  • Connect to a specific recorder within the Web Connect tab (or the Apex Web Client). View more details below.
  • View multi-site video (video from multiple recorders) from the Video Player under the Video tab (or cloud-based web client). View more details here.
Mobile Apps

View Live and Search in the OpenEye mobile app.

  • View details for iOS here.
  • View details for Android here.
Desktop Client

View live and search in the Command Station Desktop Client. 

Local Console

View video locally - no PC required on site. View more details here.

Live View in the Web Client

The following details how to access Live and Search once connected to a recorder through Web Connect or the Apex Web Client. 

From the OWS Cloud Portal, select the Web Connect tab and click CONNECT next to the desired recorder. 

     Web Client Live View Pane with Callouts.png

Search View

Perform a search to review recorded video, including playback and export of images and video clips. 

Four different searches (Timeline Search, Thumbnail Search, Object Search and Event Search) are available through the Apex Web Client.

Types of Search
Timeline Search

Timeline Search narrows searches to a specific day and time. In Timeline Search, continuous recording without an event is represented by dark blue lines on the timeline bar, and Motion events are represented by light blue lines. The video from the selected date and time is playable in the camera tile.

Event Search

Event Search is ideal for reviewing sensor or relay events such as motion in a filtered, easily consumable format.

Thumbnail Search

Thumbnail Search is ideal for viewing before and after comparisons at user-determined intervals. This search can help a user narrow down a time period during which something changed in the scene, such as vandalism or theft.

Object Search

Object Search allows you to look for object motion in recorded video. By defining the region and the timeframe, you can derive object motion activity for a defined time period.

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