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Thumbnail Search in Command Station

Thumbnail Search

Thumbnail Search is ideal for viewing before and after comparisons at user-determined intervals. This search can help a user narrow down a time period during which something changed in the scene, such as vandalism or theft. Click the following link for more information on how to perform a Thumbnail Search.        CS Thumbnail Search.png

Perform a Thumbnail Search

CS Thumbnail Search.png

  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Select and double-click a camera in Search.
  3. Select the Thumbnail Search icon.
  4. Select the number of thumbnails to display.
  5. Select the time range to display.
  6. Turn OSD On or Off.
  7. Select a Date and Time from the Thumbnail Search Date Previewer.
  8. Left-click on the desired thumbnail to narrow the time interval, opening new thumbnails.

NOTE: When the thumbnail is narrowed to 1, 3, or 10 minutes, left-clicking again will begin recorded video playback in the Timeline Search screen.

  1. Right-click the desired thumbnail to expand the time interval, opening new thumbnails.
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