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Object Search in Command Station

Object Search

Object Search limits event search results to a customized area within the video image. Any changes to a selected object or area can be displayed as thumbnails or as a list.  Click the following link for more information on how to perform an Object Search

 NOTE: Object Search allows you to search within a 24 hour time period.

CS Object Search.png

Perform an Object Search
  1. Click the Search button, then select the Object search type.
  2. Draw an Object Search Region in the Preview Window:
  • Left click and drag to create a rectangular Object Search Region.
  • Left click, release, and move to draw a custom polygonal shape one line at a time. Draw and click the last line to the starting point to complete the Object Search Region.
  • Right click to clear a shape.
  1. Under Date / Time, select the Start, End and Sensitivity for the search.
  2. Click Search to apply the filters.

Display As: Details or Thumbnails - Changes the event display results type.

Columns - Changing the number of columns displayed in thumbnail view.

Image Offset - Changes the image offset displayed in thumbnail view.

OSD On - Turns the OSD on or off in thumbnail view.

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