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Event Search in Command Station

Event Search

Event Search is ideal for reviewing sensor or relay events such as Motion in a filtered, easily consumable format. Event Search results can be viewed as thumbnails or lists, and can be played back. Click the following link for more information on how to perform an Event Search.

CS Event Search thumbnail view.png

Perform an Event Search
  1. Click the Search button and select the Event button.
  2. Set the Start, End and Duration to filter.
  3. Check the channel or channels from a single recorder or multiple recorders to filter for events.
  4. Click the Apply Filter button to start the Event Search.
  5. A list of event results will be displayed; selecting an event from the list will allow it to be played back.

CS Event Search Apply Filter details.png

Display As: Details or Thumbnails - Changes the event display results type.

Columns - Changing the number of columns displayed in thumbnail view.

Image Offset - Changes the image offset displayed in thumbnail view.

OSD On - Turns the OSD on or off in thumbnail view.

NOTE: Moving the mouse over of the camera icon for an event in details view will show a thumbnail of the start, middle and end of the event.

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