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Account Settings

Customer (or End User) Account Profile

NOTE: For Channel Partners, see Channel Partner Account Settings.

Here users can view Account Details, Account Alias for Non-Email User AccountsMailing Address, and the Account Registration Code.

EU Settings Account Profile.png

NOTE: Enabling Create Non-Email Users allows you to add users without an email address to your account. When this option is disabled, existing non-email users will not be affected and will remain accessible. This option gives you control over whether the non-email user interface is displayed when adding users.

Remote Support Options

Remote Support within OpenEye Web Services (OWS) allows you to get the help you need when you need it by extending access to your security partner. Experience complete flexibility when extending remote support access by choosing when its enabled or disabled, and setting an expiration date based on your needs. Stay apprised to changes in access through email notifications detailing when access is enabled/disabled or the expiration date is changed and by who, as well as upcoming access expiration.

View more details in Remote Support Options.

Remote Support Options EU.png


Use the options to customize the strength of password requirements for all user accounts. Set the minimum amounts for password length, uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numeric characters and special characters.

EU Settings Security.png

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