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How to Create Non-Email User Accounts

When IT or operational policies prohibit the use of email addresses for user names, a new account alias function can now be enabled as an alternative. Non-email users can access remote clients, receive alert push notifications, share video clips, and use most other OpenEye Web Services (OWS) features which do not require email notifications. Non-Email User Accounts are yet another great example of how OpenEye works to meet the complex needs of our sophisticated user base.

NOTE: Creating Non-Email User Accounts requires OWS version 2.31 or higher.

Create Non-Email User Account
  1. Users can be added from Management > User Management > Users.

EU Management Users.png

  1. Click Add New User.

Add New User Button.png

  1. Select Username for Account Type and click Next.

Add New User Account Type Username.png 

  1. Enter a First Name, Last Name, and Username.

NOTE: The login will display below the Username.

  1. Enter and Confirm the Password.
  2. Use the Add User to Group dropdown menu to assign the new user to a User Group.

NOTE: Non-Email Users cannot be added to Admin accounts.

Add New User Username Login.png

  1. Click Add New User after the required fields are entered.
  2. The new user will appear in the Users list.

NonEmail Users list Username.png

Editing Users and Enabling Notifications
  1. Click Edit to view and edit User Details.

Nonemail EU Management User Details.png

  1. Click Notifications.

NonEmail Users Notifications.png

  1. Check Push Alert Notifications.
  2. Click Save.
Changing the Account Alias
  1. Go to Settings Settings Gear Icon.png > Account Profile.
  2. Enter a new suffix in Account Alias.

Account Alias.png

  1. Click SaveSave Button.png
Manage Non-Email User Accounts
  1. Go to User Management > User Groups > Web Services Permissions.

NonEmail User Groups Web Services Permissions.png

  1. Check Manage Users and User Groups and Manage Non-Email User Accounts.
  2. Click Save.
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