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Relay Timeout

Relay Timeout 


Your remote client is unable to establish a direct video connection for the device it is currently connected to and is using video relay through the cloud to enable remote video viewing. Cloud video relay has a timeout prompt after a period of inactivity. 


The following changes to your connection settings can be made to ensure a direct video connection is possible. 


Configure the recorder for Direct Connect 

By configuring the recorder for Direct Connect you are telling the cloud the direct location of the recorder by entering the External IP Address or Domain and Port used by the recorder. This will allow a direct video connection from the recorder to the remote client and not use cloud video relay. 


Connect to the recorder on the same network 

When you are on the same network as the recorder a feature called LAN Smart Forwarding will attempt to connect over the local network instead of using cloud video relay. Make sure LAN Smart Forwarding is enabled and any of its advanced settings are configured. 


Check your network and firewall settings 

When connecting to the recorder through the Internet there are many hoops to jump through. Settings on your local network or firewall may be preventing a direct connection and causing you to use cloud video relay. Checking firewall settings for trusted connections may allow you to establish a direct connection. 


For additional assistance in establishing a direct video connection contact your network administrator or your service provider. 




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