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Local Export

Export Video from Search
  1. In Search, click Export to share the video clip.

Export from Details button.png

  1. Choose Single Camera or Multi-Camera on the Export pop-up.

Video Player Export Type.png

  1. Choose the Date/Time, Video Quality, Video Resolution, Other Options, and click Next.

Video Clip Export Popup.png

  1. To export to the OWS Cloud Portal, select Export to Web Services and enter a Title and Description

     To export locally, select Export locally and enter the Filename.

Export to Web Services popup.png

  1. Click Export.

Once exported, users can view locally, or view, manage and share saved video clips directly from the OWS Cloud Portal.

Important Notes for exporting locally

Locally exported images are saved in the Downloads folder as JPEG files.

Mobile compatible exports video in 1080p unless the primary recording stream is already at a lower resolution.

A larger length of Clip and higher Video Quality will result in larger video files.

Maximum video length for local exports is 14,400 seconds or 4 hours.

Local Export from Console with no OSD

Video can be exported without the On-Screen Display information in local console.

1. In the Search screen, perform the desired Timeline search, and then click the Export button.

2. Select the Video Clip export icon.

3. Specify the Length of clip and Video Quality.

4. Uncheck Display Date/Time on video.

5. Select Destination.

6. Click Export.

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