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Live View in the Command Station Desktop Client

Command Station Desktop Client

View Live video or Search video playback from a workstation once connected to a recorder. From the workstation, click the Command Station icon to launch into Video View. See additional details on viewing video in the other clients: Live or Search in the Mobile Apps and the Web Client.

Live View

CS Live View w Metrics.png

Viewing Pane – Display Live screen view of the desired camera arrangement, including layout, view settings and stream settings.

Video View Tab – Customize the Viewing Pane.

Site-list Search – Search Companies, Recorders and Cameras with keyword searches.

Refresh button – Manually check web services for any recorder or permission changes.

Collapse view –  Collapse View Arrow.png Minimize or expand left menu options.

Add Video View Tab Add Video View Button.png Add another Video View Tab to open a new Viewing Pane.                  

Camera Tile View live video from a specific camera in each individual tile.

Live Transition from the Search screen to the Live screen.

Search – Transition from the Live screen to the Search screen.

Grid – Specify a screen grid to view live video from cameras in the Viewing Pane.

NOTE: Grid values for Intel-based hardware without a discrete GPU (Nvidia/AMD) range from 1-25 to align with the web client. Workstations with discrete GPU's will continue to have access to 1-81 grids.

View – Drop down live video options: 4:3, 16:9, Original and Stretch.

Stream – Specify the stream quality for cameras in the Viewing Pane.

PTZ – Enable and disable PTZ control in live view.

Sequence – Enable and disable auto live sequence and modify sequence time interval.

Audio – Mute and adjust volume level for audio in live.

2-Way Audio Enable 2-Way Audio for cameras with speaker and microphone

User drop down menu – User drop down menu.png Select Preferences, Switch User, or Log Out.

Options – Options Gear.png Open the Command Station options window.

Feedback – Feedback.png Submit Command Station feedback online.

Full Screen – Full Screen Icon.png Hide menus to fill entire screen with Camera Tiles, but show the left side site list and top menu by leading the cursor over the center arrow drop downs; full screen saves states when you exit.

Recorders – View the list of available recorders, including Web Services Devices and Local Devices.

NOTE: Right-click on a recorder name or camera name in the device list to manage devices.  

LayoutsArrange user screen and camera layouts; can be saved for future use.

PTZ ControlControl PTZ, home position, zoom in/out, auto focus, menu, and set presets.

Maps Create new maps or access previously created maps.

Metrics - Display the CPU, GPU, Memory and network usage for the Client, and the CPU, GPU, and Memory for the Recorder.

CS Metrics Gauges.png

NOTE: Recorder metrics require require a connection to a recorder with OpenEye Apex Server Software version 3.0 or above.

Quick Links

Users with OpenEye Web Services (OWS) privileges will be able to directly access OWS using Links.

CS Quick Links menu.png

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