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PTZ Options

PTZ Controls

Diagonal controls Pan/tilt or navigate through UTC camera menu.

Home Send camera to home position

Zoom in and out Use mechanical zoom controls and auto focus on some analog HD cameras.

Menu – Open analog HD camera menu on supported cameras

AF Sends auto focus command to supported cameras

Presets – Move, set or delete presets.

Configuring a UTC Camera Using PTZ Options
  1. Select the camera in live and click PTZ CONTROL option.
  2. Select the MENU option to open the camera menu.
  3. Use the Horizontal Arrows on the controller to navigate the camera menu.
  4. Select the right Vertical Arrows to change options in the camera menu.
  5. Select the MENU button to select options in the camera menu.
  6. Navigate to the save or exit option in the camera menu and select menu to save or exit.
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