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Video in OWS

Video saved in the cloud is accessible from anywhere through OpenEye Web Services secure online portal. After it is exported, video is permanently backed up at an offsite location on redundant servers and can be viewed or downloaded remotely as needed.

All video clips uploaded to OWS are located under the Video tab within the Customer or End User Portal.

Video Clips

Select Video Clips under the Video tab to view all Video Clips saved to the account.

Storage Remaining

(need more details here)

Viewing a Video Clip

To view a video clip, click View next to the desired video in the Video Clips list. View more details here.

Sharing a Video Clip

OpenEye Web Services streamlines the export and sharing of video clips by moving the entire process to the cloud, making it faster and more secure than using physical media. Online clip sharing generates significant time savings for organizations that regularly export and share video events with coworkers, law enforcement or insurance.

View more details on Clip Sharing in OWS.

Video Clip Permissions

Users and User Groups must be granted Video Clips permissions to view and manage video clips uploaded by other uses, as well as Edit, Delete, Share or View Video Clips. This can be enabled within the User Group Permissions under Web Services Permissions > Video Clips Management.

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