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Install Checklist Part 1: Before Leaving the Site

Physical items to check before leaving the site:
  • Take out of box and note serial number.
  • Confirm the recorder is installed securely or as intended (rack or wall mounted is highly recommended).
  • Confirm the recorder is powered (connect to UPS is highly recommended).
  • Confirm the recorder is connected to a network with internet.
  • Confirm all cameras are physically installed with the customer's confirmed field of view.
Software items to check before leaving the site:
  • The admin password changed (via the First Time Wizard)    
  • Ensure that the Recorder is connected to OWS (using Recorder Registration Code).    
  • Once cameras are focused, uncheck the Enable PTZ/AutoFocus box within the General tab, so the view cannot be distorted by a user.   
  • Confirm all cameras are added to the recorder and are shown in both live and search.
  • Confirm remote access to the recorder through OWS via Web Connect.
  • Check for errors.
    • Verify that there are no errors listed for any recorders. These would appear next to the Connect button in the OWS Cloud Portal > Web Connect tab.
    • Check the Cameras list in the Setup menu for any errors such as “unable to record”.    
  • For console, confirm access by OWS user. 
    • The customer should be able to log in at the local console using their OWS credentials.
    • Verify live, search, export, and all other permissions as defined in OWS user management.
  • For console, verify camera order.    
    • Arrange cameras as desired using the camera Edit Sort Order from the Cameras List in Setup.
    • Enable Auto Login to Live option, if applicable.
    • Set up grid if setting up as spot monitor without keyboard/mouse, if applicable.
  • Confirm any sensors or relays are connected and performing properly, if applicable.
  • Confirm any local network integrations are communicating properly, if applicable.    
  • Confirm monitor, keyboard, and mouse are set up if system will be used locally.
  • Confirm USB backup image stick is safely located with the recorder, customer, or dealer records.
  • Complete a configuration file export to OWS and verify this completed successfully.
  • Check Licensing: Click on System Settings > Licensing tab and verify the number of camera licenses used versus the number of licenses available. Make sure to annotate the serial number at this time.    
  • Check the Software Upgrade menu for any applicable updates and apply them if available.    
  • Make sure to sign out of all accounts.
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