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OWS Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard or First Time Wizard can be accessed from both the web client and the Local Console (Linux) and will guide the user through a basic setup of the recorder. If a user wishes to make system changes after the initial setup process using the Setup Wizard, these options can be found in System Settings, User Management, and Network Configuration.

NOTE: The user experience with Setup Wizard is slightly different for Windows versus Linux. On a Windows Operating System, the Network is configured under Windows settings.

First Time Wizard

1. Sign in with the Username/Email admin and Password 1234.

2. The First Time Wizard will appear and you will be prompted to Select Language. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu and click Next.

3. Change the Administrator Password and enter again before clicking Next. This will be used for logging in 

4. Under Network Settings, DHCP is recommended. Select the DHCP option and click Next.

5. Set Date & Time using the correct region and time zone information for the location of the recorder. We also recommend leaving Use online NTP server enabled. Once selected, click Save.

6. Close the First Time Wizard, and log-in using the username and password you just created.

Best Practices

Here are a few Best Practices to keep in mind when using the First Time Wizard.

  • When entering Network Settings, DHCP is recommended.
  • Enter accurate information for the location of the recorder in Set Date & Time to ensure the correct Region and Time Zone.
  • Within Set Date & Time, it is recommended to leave Use online NTP server enabled.
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