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Adding Cameras via Discovery

There are three methods for adding cameras to the recorder which consist of adding them via Discovery, adding them manually, or importing them with a CSV file.  When adding cameras via Discovery the add camera menu will appear and automatically discover supported cameras available on the physically connected network.
Best Practices
  • Adding Cameras via Discovery should always be the default method. Try it first, as it is the quickest and easiest way to add cameras.
Add Cameras to a Recorder Using Discovery
  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon).


  1. Under General Configuration, click Cameras.
  2. Click Add Cameras.

Setup Cameras tab.png

  1. Under the Discovery tab, click Discover Cameras.

Setup Cameras Add Cameras Discovery Cameras.png

  1. Check the appropriate boxes to select the camera(s) to be added.
  2. Enter the appropriate credentials (username and password) for the cameras to be added, and then click Add Selected Cameras.


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