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Camera Link

Camera Link allows users to remotely access the firmware on their cameras directly through the server software. This gives users the ability to configure the camera and update settings without needing to open any ports or change any network security settings.

Camera Link uses the same outbound trusted connection as OWS to facilitate connection to the camera without the need for port forwarding or a VPN connection.

This exclusive feature saves valuable time and resources by allowing technicians to remotely access cameras for maintenance or update settings without requiring them to visit the site in person.

How to Navigate to Camera Link
  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon). clipboard_e42c73e33cb1ca77feb3c2c1180c37adc.png
  2. Under General Configuration, navigate to the Cameras menu.
  3. Select a camera by clicking on it.
  4. Click the Live / Recording tab.
  5. Click Connect Directly to Camera.


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