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Cameras or Camera List

The Cameras menu within Setup > General Configuration allows you to view all cameras connected to the recorder as well as add new cameras and access each individual camera settings menu.
Cameras or Camera List

Cameras Setup Cameras List.png

Camera List – List of cameras currently connected to the selected recorder.

IP Address – The current IP address of the camera.

State – The current camera state.

Enabled: The camera is enabled, active, and recording.

Disabled: The camera is disabled, but previously recorded video is still available.

Add Camera – Add a camera(s) to the Camera List. See Adding Cameras via Discovery

Advanced – Launches Network Camera Manager (Console only).

Edit Sort Order – Change the order the cameras will be displayed in Apex Server Software, Command Station, and the Mobile Apps.

NOTE: To edit camera order in the OWS Video Player and Web Client Live View, rearrange cameras in Management > Locations > Locations > Cameras.

Multi-Camera Edit – Delete cameras, update images, change recording types, and other options to multiple cameras at once.

Enable Analog Camera Discovery (MA Recorders Only) – Automatically enable or disable cameras attached to the MA recorder.

Sort By – Sort the cameras in the camera list by IP Address, Model, or State.

Search – Search for a camera in the Camera List.

Delete or Disable – Deleting a camera will remove the camera and all associated video from the recorder. To remove the camera but keep the video, select Mark as Disabled instead.

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