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Edit Sort Order

Edit the Sort Order of Cameras in the Camera List

By default cameras will be listed Alphabetically in all menus, live, search and setup.

One way to achieve custom ordering would be to name the cameras with a number before the description.


  • 01-Front Lobby
  • 05-South Exit

There is also a way to manually edit the ordering of the cameras without changing camera names. Once in the Camera Setup menu, select the “Edit Sort Order”. This will change the screen and allow you to drag the cameras into your own order and save it.

Go to Setup (gear icon) > General Configuration > Cameras > Edit Sort Order tab.

  1. Click Edit Sort Order

Cameras Edit Sort Order popup.png

  1. Click Start Editing

NOTE: Changing the sort order affects the current order the cameras are displayed in local and remote clients for all users.

  1. Click and drag a camera to change the sort order.
  2. Click Save
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