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Configure Audio for an individual camera as well as view supported models.
Audio Options

To configure Audio for an individual camera, connect to a recorder, click Setup > Cameras and select the camera you want to configure from the Camera List. Click on the Audio tab and select the desired option.

Cameras Setup Audio tab.png

Disabled – No audio is received, transmitted or recorded by the camera.

Record – All audio is recorded by the camera.

Live Only – Audio can be received and transmitted through the camera but is not recorded.

Enable 2-Way Audio – Audio can be transmitted through compatible camera models.

  1. Select Record or Live Only to enable audio recording on a specific IP camera.
  2. Check Enable 2-Way Audio to transmit audio through the IP camera.
  3. Click Save or Apply.
Important Notes

Audio must be enabled on the IP camera itself with the G.711 or AAC codec in order to record audio from the camera. Check the manufacturer's manual on how to enable audio on the IP camera.

We recommend consulting local and regional laws in the appropriate areas regarding audio recording. Many areas have laws restricting or prohibiting audio recording in some or all locations.

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