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Assigning Camera Passwords in Network Camera Manager

Using Network Camera Manager to Set Password

Network Camera Manager allows bulk assignment of passwords to OpenEye cameras in their default state, as they’re ready to accept strong passwords. 

After pulling new IP addresses using the DHCP Utility, Network Camera Manager will list the connected cameras, ready to accept new camera passwords.

NCM Model List.png 

After discovering cameras, the initial Network Camera Manager menu will display the Model and Name of the cameras.

  1. Check all of the boxes next to cameras you wish to assign new camera passwords for.
  2. Enter System options.

 NCM System Settings.png

  1. Enter New Password and Verify Password assigned to the cameras under the Password Configuration section of the System options. 
  2. Click Apply.
Password Requirements for Cameras

The password requirements will differ between camera models. As such, these are the suggested password requirements for maximum compatibility with new OpenEye cameras: 

  • 9+ characters in total length 

  • Password contains at least one of each of the following character types 

  • Number (1, 2, 3) 

  • Lowercase Letter (A, B, C) 

  • Uppercase Letter (a, b, c)

  • Special Character (!, @, #)

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