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How to add a camera as RTSP

Adding a camera as RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) directly pulls a stream from the camera, allowing for non-ONVIF cameras to be added to the recorder. RTSP also allows for better control of multi-lens cameras by allowing the selection of a specific channel and profile.

Manually adding a camera
  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon).


  1. Select Cameras under General Configuration.
  2. Click Add Cameras. 

Setup Cameras Add Cameras button.png

4. On the Add Cameras page, click the Manual tab.

5. Enter the appropriate connection information including Protocol, IP Address, Port, Manufacturer, Model, Username, Password, and Camera Name. For adding with RTSP, follow the details here.

6. Click Save or Save and Add New to add another camera.

Setup Cameras Manual tab.png

Adding a camera as RTSP

1. After entering the camera username, password, and IP address, set the Protocol to RTSP.

NOTE: Do not enter in a port unless it has been changed from the default RTSP port (554).


After RTSP is selected, a new menu will appear below.

2. Enter the Camera Name and corresponding RTSP URLs.

For more information on RTSP URLs, view the list here.


3. Click Save or Save and Add New.



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