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Video Backup and Archive Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and diagnosing backup issues can be complex.  The below information is designed to help provide a list of basic information needed to troubleshoot and isolate the issue.


Information Needed to Diagnose Backup Issues.

  • Preliminary Requirements
    • Ensure you are running the latest recorder software and OS image.
    • Suggest that you start with a reboot of the system to ensure cache and temporary files are cleared.
      • This can happen if the OS locks files.
  • Where are you trying to export video to?
    • Type
      • Cloud Export
      • Locally to PC with Client software
      • On the Recorder
    • Client
      • Using Video Player?
      • Using Thin Client?
      • Using Command Station?
      • Using Console?
    • Type
      • Single Camera
      • Multiple Camera
      • Snapshot
      • Archive
    • Connection Method (If Applicable)
      • Local LAN
      • Relay
      • Direct
      • Console (on Recorder)


  • OWS Video Player
  • Command Station
  • Apex Server Thin Client
  • Console
Connection Methods
  • Local LAN
  • OWS Relay
  • Local Recorder
  • Direct Connect
Export Types
  • Single Camera
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Archive
  • Snapshot

Backup Methods

  • Export to Web Services (Cloud)
  • Export Locally over LAN
  • Export Locally from Recorder


Common Troubleshooting Steps and Causes

(These will help narrow down the issue and provide guidance based off answer)

  • Upgrade to latest OS image and Apex software
  • Check DNS speeds and try a public DNS server.
    • DNS resolution is required for backup process to function.
    • Try using to see in problem is resolved.
    • DNS Troubleshooting.
  • Check network connection to OWS servers.
  • If exporting a long video fails, test if a shorter length successfully completes.
    • This can help rule out bandwidth or other issues.
    • Ensure storage location has adequate space.
    • Verify above "Check network connection to OWS servers" topic.
  • Try using a different Client to export the video
    • Example: If Command Station is failing, try Cloud Video Player.
    • Ensure all software is updated.
    • Check client connection method to OWS.  One client may be using a different connection method (Relay, LSF, Direct, etc..) helping point to the issue.
  • If exporting multiple channels, see if a single channel export succeeds.
    • Check to ensure adequate storage space is available
    • Check availability of video by verifying it exists in Search.
  • Try exporting from a local LAN connection to rule out internet speeds.
    • Check to ensure adequate bandwidth is available
  • Try exporting to a different save location.
    • This can help identify storage space or HDD issues.
  • If an export type of Mobile fails, test using Original.  This can be swapped as well.
    • Different export types can perform different options like downscaling or adding OSD.
  • Try disabling audio in the export to see if this is causing issues.
  • Check to verify that Search shows the video and stream you are attempting to export.
    • Exports can fail if the video being requested is not available.


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