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Troubleshooting Recorder OWS Connections

Below are the URLS needed to verify OWS connections are possible

These URLs can be used to verify that firewall and front-end security devices are setup correctly for the recorder to connect to OWS.

  • These checks must be done from the recorder locally.
  • URLs are to be entered into a browser like Chrome, Chromium, or IE.
  • Please note that in many cases, you will receive a 404 Error; this is expected and a good result.
  • Any other errors like SSL, DNS, or Firewall Restrictions will need to be investigated.

Verify connectivity to key URLs from a web browser on the recorder. Check to see if you received the expected response below.

Please cut and paste the below URLs into a browser on the recorder:

US West Relay Check:

US East Relay Check:

  • You should receive a 404 error when visiting these three pages. That means you are able to contact the server, but server was unable to process the request. In this case the 404 error is a GOOD thing and shows you can contact the server.

Wildcard Prefix Check:

  • You should receive a 404 error showing you can contact the server.

API Check:

  • This URL will provide you with an OWS login screen when working correctly.

File Share Check: 

  • This URL is used to test amazon s3 server access for uploads.