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Update your Linux OS

We recommend periodic updates of the Linux image on your OWS recorder in order to support best practices for cybersecurity.

Update packages are provided by OpenEye on a quarterly basis, with additional updates when vulnerabilities surface in the wild that necessitate an out-of-band update.

To update the image on your Linux recorder:
  1. Connect to the recorder through OWS or log in at the console.
  2. Click the Setup (gear) icon in the upper right menu bar.
  3. Under General Configuration, click System Settings.
  4. Select the Software Upgrade tab and then click Show More Options.


  1. Select the Specify URL radio button.
  2. Paste the below URL for the OS update into the text box.
  3. Click the Install button.
    • This should complete in less than 1 minute.
  4. After the Update Complete window appears, click OK.
  5. Once back into the system go back to the Software Upgrade page and select the Show More Options.
  6. Click the About icon in the top right corner to see what the image type is.


  1. Paste the URL in the same text box.
  2. Click the Install button.
    • This may take approximately 15 minutes or longer depending on the network connection.
  3. After the Update Complete window appears, click OK and restart the recorder.
    • Restart may take approximately 10 minutes. The recorder will be inaccessible and will not record video during this time.
  4. After the recorder restarts, verify the update
    • Connect to the recorder through OWS or log in at the console.
    • Hover over the Help (question mark) icon in the upper right menu bar and then click About.
    • Verify the that the Image Version displayed matches the version that was just installed.


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