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How to use hot keys to set your monitor resolution in Linux

If you have a Linux-based recorder running Image Version 1.3 and later, you can use the below commands to manually change the screen resolution.

This can be useful when troubleshooting a recorder that does not display video on boot due to failure to determine monitor specifications.


To manually set your screen resolution, use the following commands:

  • Ctrl + Alt + 1: Changes the aspect ratio to 1024x768 or 4:3
  • Ctrl + Alt + 2: Changes the aspect ratio to 1920x1080 or 16:9
  • Ctrl + Alt + 3: Checks the resolution of the monitor again.
  • Ctrl + Alt + 4: Uses the preferred resolution of the monitor.

To change the screen resolution with these keys, press and hold the key combination until the resolution changes.

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