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What do the R1000 and H1000 Error Codes Mean / How to Fix Them?

What are R1000 and H1000 error codes?


R1000 and H1000 error codes are alerts that let you know that the recorder has not responded to an attempt to contact it within the last 10 minutes. They are notifications to indicate there may be something wrong with either the network or settings on the recorder. You will see this error as you hover over the error icon by the offline button.

  • R1000 - Relay Heartbeat has not been received in 10min. 

  • H1000 - Recorder Heartbeat has not been received in 10min.


If either of these alerts appear on your account, it is recommended that you get physical access to the recorder and log into the system directly. From there, there are several different tests you can run to locate/resolve the issue:

  • Ensure the unit is still physically connected to the network. Check the cable run from the client port to the router and that there are both power and data lights above the port itself.
  • Check the Diagnostics tab in Network Configuration. This will tell you where the disconnect is. The following link leads to a document describing possible results from this page. Troubleshooting Network Diagnostics
  • In the Adapters tab next to Diagnostics, ensure there is correct information entered in for the Client adapter, and if it is there, check the Camera adapter and make sure it does not have a Default Gateway.
  • Provide the following document to the local network management and have them confirm the network is configured correctly. OWS Network Requirements
  • Reregister your recorder to OWS. Registering a Recorder to an OWS Account
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