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How to create a Wireshark Capture for Support


In some cases, the technical support department may need a packet capture for analysis. When directed to pull a packet capture, follow these steps:

1.       Log into the Apex Linux unit with an administrator account.

2.       Select the gear icon, then click “Support Tools” under “Tools / Logs”

3.       Press “Launch Support Tools”

4.       The Support Tools interface will now load. When Support Tools loads, select the “Network Diagnostics” icon.

5.       Wireshark will now open. Wireshark will list the network adapters. The names of the network adapters will vary.

6.       Double click the adapter in question. Wireshark will begin a packet capture.

7.       After some time has elapsed, press the red square to end the packet capture.

8.       The packet capture can be filtered using filters detailed in the Wireshark wiki:

9.       If the packet capture needs to be exported, plug a thumb drive formatted to FAT32 into the recorder.

10.   In Wireshark, hit File -> Save As.

11.   Find the location of the thumb drive. In Linux, this will be under the /media directory.

12.   Hit save.


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