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Saving Screen Layouts


Layouts preserve the arrangement of cameras in the live view screen, allowing you to quickly switch between defined sets/arrangements of cameras.

Creating a Layout
  1. Add the camera tiles desired from a recorder or multiple recorders in Live.
  2. Click the layouts option.
  3. In the My Layouts or Shared Layouts column, click Add Add Icon.png, and then type the name of the layout.
  4. Arrange the camera tiles as desired.
  5. Right-click the layout, and then click Update.
Local Layouts

Local layouts are stored on the local workstation only accessible from the Command Station installation on that PC.

Cloud Layouts

Cloud layouts are stored in the cloud, accessible from any Command Station installation that the user logs into. They’re tied to and only accessible via the User account they were created from.

Cloud Shared Layouts

These layouts are stored in the cloud, accessible from any Command Station installation. Unlike the above, they’re accessible by any user in the same company they were created in. The Managing permission simply allows a user to edit, add, or delete shared layouts.

Enabling Shared Camera Layouts
  1. Log in to your OWS account from a web browser.
  2. Click Management > User Management > User Groups.

Management User Groups dropdown.png

  1. Create a new group or click Edit Edit button.png on an existing group.
  2. Click Web Services Permissions.
  3. Check the desired checkboxes for Command Station, View Shared Layouts, Manage Shared Layouts and Edit Linked Cameras and click Save.

Web Services Permissions Client Access Command Station.png

Layouts Right-Click Menu

Right-Click Layouts Menu Command Station.png

Open in Current Tab  Open the layout in the current Video View Tab.

Open in New Tab Open the layout in a new Video View Tab.

Open in New Window Open the layout in a new Command Station window.

Add camera layout group  Create a new layout group.

Delete Remove the layout from the list.

Rename – Give the layout a new name.

Update – Save the changes made to the camera tile arrangement in the layout.

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