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Logging In Locally to the Command Station Desktop Client

Local Login

NOTE: If you initially log in with the default login credentials below, those credentials will remain the default administrator account, even if an OWS account is used to login at a later time.

If an OWS account is not available, log in using the local administrator credentials below:

Username: admin

Password: 1234

NOTE: You will be required to change the default Admin password when first logging in as shown below.

CS First Time Login.png

NOTE: Press X to cancel out of the First Time Login.

NOTE:  Click on the Eye Icon CS Eye Icon.png to view password characters.

Password Override

Password requirements for new local users can be set upon install.

  1. Check Override default local application password length requirements.

CS Override Local Password.png

  1. Enter Minimum Password Length and Maximum Password Length in the number fields.
  2. Continue with Install.
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