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How to Add Cardholders to an Alert Rule

Add Cardholders to an Alert Rule

Follow the steps for creating a Door Access Alert Rule.

Add New Rule Door Access.png

  1. Once created, click Rule Definition tab from the left-hand menu.
  2. Choose Include all cardholders or Select specific cardholders.

Door Access Rule Definition Cardholder Users.png

NOTE: If Select specific cardholders is chosen, alerts for Access Granted and Access Denied events are only generated by the users listed in Rule Definitions.

  1. To add specific users, click Add User

Add User button.png

  1. After adding users, click Select.

Door Access Rule Select Cardholders.png

Door Access Rule Users Added.png

NOTE: Rules can further be defined by Event Group and Type, all or specific readers, time and area.

  1. After the rule is defined, click Save

Save Button.png

Add Users to an Alert Rule

NOTE: Adding Users to a rule automatically grants them permission to view alerts for cameras and locations they have access to based on their User Group permissions.

  1. Click Users/Notifications on the left-hand menu.

Users Notifications tab.png

  1. Click Add User or Add Group.

Add Group Add User button.png

  1. Click + next to each User or Group to send emails and push notifications when the alert is triggered.

Green Add button.png

  1. Click Add when finished.

Select button.png

NOTE: To receive email, push or client alert notifications, the Email Alert, Push Alert or Client Alert box must be checked. Simply adding a user only gives them access to see this alert’s history. See Alert Notifications for details.

Alert History

Select Alerts > Alert History. In Alert History, all alert events are created by associated recorders that have rules assigned.

Alerts Alert History Dropdown.png

Apply Access / Intrusion User Filter
  1. Click Show Filters from the filters dropdown.

Show Filters.png

Alert History Filters Access and Intrusion User.png

  1. Select or enter the User Name of a cardholder.

Alert History Filters Access and Intrusion Users.png 

  1. From the filtered list, click View on an alert to see Alert Details.

Alert History Alerts.png

Alert Details

Alert Details will show the Username of the cardholder along with video of the event.

Alert History View Access Granted Event.png

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