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Alert Notifications

Notifications of Alerts can be set and are received by various methods including Email Alert, Push Alert, and Client Alert.
Notification Methods

When creating an alert and defining an alert rule, you can check one or all methods in the Users/Notifications tab on the left-hand menu.

  • Email Alert
  • Push Alert via mobile phone
  • Client Alert

Alert Rules Users Notifications.png

Only Users who have been given permission to receive or enable Client Alert notifications can utilize Client Alert options. If no permission has been given, the Client Alert boxes will be grayed out and a prohibited icon will appear and will be prompted with “This user does not have permission to use this option." Enable the Client Alert notification permission within the User Group permissions under Remote Client Permissions

Setting Alert Notification Limits

After sending a notification, this option will prevent additional notifications from being sent for the same recorder for the duration specified. Email, Push and Client Notifications can be sent to individuals or to a group. Push Notifications add the ability to receive an alert in the mobile app when it is generated. Users can open the mobile app and configure what rules they want to manually silence in the Notifications section of the mobile app.

  1. Click Users/Notifications on the navigation sidebar.
  2. Enter a number in the Seconds to wait before sending additional notifications box.
  3. Enter a number in the Maximum number of notifications that can be sent per hour box.
  4. Check Email Alert, Push Alert and Client Alert for users who receive the notifications.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Only alerts sent to emails, push, and client notifications will pause when a timed restriction is reached by a recorder, alert rule, or event type. Alerts in OWS are still generated and are viewable in Alert History. 

Enabling and Disabling Alert Notifications in the Mobile App

Push notifications are sent to the mobile app. Alerts can be manually silenced from the Notifications section of the app.

  1. Open the OpenEye Mobile app
  2. Login (if not already)
  3. Select the Side (gear) Menu 
  4. Select Notifications
  5. Toggle On/Off the option associated to the alert rule name
Receiving Alert Notifications

All Users and User Groups added to an Alert with notifications enabled will receive the notification with the Alert Name, Account Name and Recorder Name as the Subject Line. Further details are given in the body of the notification.

Alert Notification Customized Name Email.png

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