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Enabling Mobile App Notifications

Verify notifications are enabled
  1. Ensure the user has notifications enabled for their account. You will access this setting by going to Management > User Management > Users in the OWS Cloud Portal. 

Management dropdown Users.png

  1. Then click Edit Button.png by the user that will receive Mobile Notifications. 

Edit User Information.png

  1. Select Notifications and ensure they have Email and Push Alert Notifications checked.

End Users Notifications Permissions.png

Verify the alert rule is set up correctly
  1. Navigate to Alerts > Alert Rules and Edit Button.png the Alert Rule this user will be receiving mobile notifications for.
  2. In the Alert Rules settings, select Users/Notifications and check the box under Push Notifications next to their name.
  3. If their name is not in the list of users, add them with the Add User button.

Enable Push Notificatiaons for User.png

NOTE: If this is set up and the notifications are enabled on their account but they are not receiving mobile alerts, their device may not be allowing notifications from OpenEye Mobile. This can be changed in the device's notification settings.

Enabling and Disabling Notifications in Mobile App

Push notifications are sent to the mobile app. Alerts can be manually silenced from the Notifications section of the app.

  1. Open the OpenEye Mobile app
  2. Login (if not already)
  3. Select the Side (gear) Menu 
  4. Select Notifications
  5. Toggle On/Off the option associated to the alert rule name
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