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Alert History

Filtering and Exporting Alerts
  1. Use the dropdown menu beneath Alerts on the main navigation bar to select History.
  2. Click Show Filters.
  3. Use the various fields to specify which Alerts should display.

OWS Alert History Filters.png

NOTE: Use the Date / Time dropdown to select Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, or Custom to select a specific date and time range.

Alert History Custom Date and Time.png

  1. Click Apply when finished.

NOTE: Exports are limited to the first 300k alerts.

  1. Click Export.
  2. Click Export again.

NOTE: Alert History will retain alerts generated by rules forever. Deleting the rule or deleting the recorder associated to the rule and selecting to Delete Data will delete alerts created by that rule or recorder.

NOTE: The CSV file export for Alert History includes columns when an alert has been set to "Open (Acknowledge)" or "Closed" and the name of the user that changed the status.

All alerts matching a filtered search result will display as a list in Alert History.

Alert History Results List.png

  1. Hover over the camera icon to see a thumbnail image of the alert. If a comment has been added to the alert, it will appear next to the camera icon. Click View to see more details and video for an alert.
  2. View the details of the alert and/or watch the video. This page includes a dropdown menu for Acknowledgement State, a Notes section as well as hyperlinks to the Location and Alert Rule.

NOTE: Closed or expired Active Alerts will move to the Alert History list.

NOTE: The Alert column is hidden by default. You can customize the table to show or hide additional columns. See Table Functionality for more information.

NOTE: The Priority Clip column will display "Yes" if it has been enabled for an Alert. See Priority Event Cloud Recording for more information.   

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