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How to take Action and Resolve HDD Alerts

To verify a HDD Health alert please do the following:

  1. Obtain the event type of the alert.
  • If the event type is a Hard Drive SMART error, the error is due to physical problems with the drive, and the drive will need replacing.


  • If the event type is Hard Drive Missing or Failed, begin by identifying the missing drive and rebooting the recorder. If the missing drive returns after a power cycle, only replace the drive if it continues to go missing.


  • If the event type is either Hard Drive Area Permissions Error or Hard Drive Area Status Error, start by rebooting the recorder.



  • A Hard Drive Area Status Error is generated when the operating system of a recorder produces an error and additional information about that error is available when viewing the alert from Alert History.


  • Multiple error codes can refer to the same base problem and are entirely based on the information provided by the operating system itself. Example: Error code 3, 13, and 1392 all refer to failure to create a file/folder path on the hard drive mentioned in the alert details.
  • Other common codes include the following:
    • Windows Error Codes:
      • Error 0: Bad Allocation
      • Error 2: Failed to Open File
      • Error 3: Failed to Create
      • Error 80: Failed to Open File
      • Error 1392: Failed to create folders for path
    • Linux Error Codes:
      • Error 5: Input/Output Error
      • Error 30: Read-only file system
  • Most Operating System generated area status alerts can be remedied by allowing the system to function normally and attempt to open/overwrite the same file again or simply rebooting the hardware. If those do not resolve the issue, it may require a disk check.
  1. Once the recorder is back up, log in and access the Storage tab by entering the setup menu and selecting System Settings. The Storage tab will display all hard drives connected to the recorder. Click the Save button in the lower right corner to refresh the connection to the drives.


If the Hard Drive Permissions Error or Hard Drive Area Status Error continues after refreshing the connection, please reach out to OpenEye Technical Support for further troubleshooting.

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