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How to tell if your recorder is communicating with a camera

When connecting a camera to the recorder, communication needs to be open. This means that at least one of the recorder’s network addresses needs to be on the same network and subnet as the camera for proper communication to take place. Below are some ways to troubleshoot cameras not communicating with a recorder. 

  • Ensure that the camera has a good cable connection to the POE switch port.  

  • If a camera is not communicating with the recorder, make sure it is on the same network and subnet.
  • An OpenEye recorder's internal POE switch has an IP address of (or for the MD).
    • This IP address is set at the factory and cannot be changed. When available, the ‘Camera’ network adapter has a default IP address of that can readily be changed. 

For a Linux-based recorder, the camera adapter IP address is set under the ‘Network Configuration’ section of the settings by selecting the ‘Adapters’ tab 

  • Select the network adapter named ‘Camera’. 

  • A settings window for the adapter will open.  

  • Make sure that there is no default gateway entered. A default gateway in the camera adapter can cause connection issues for the recorder.  

  • Enter an IP address within the same range as the camera. Example: If the camera has a default IP address of, set the IP address of the adapter to be within the same octet, i.e., 192.168.0.x.  

For a Windows based recorder, the network adapter's IP addresses are modified in the Windows network settings directly. They cannot be changed in the Apex software.  

  1. Test connection by pinging the IP address of the camera. Within the Apex software, this is done through the ‘Network Configuration’ option on the ‘Settings’ tab. 
    On Windows-based recorders, this can also be accomplished on the Windows command prompt with the ping command. 

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