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Arming / Disarming Panels in Locations

Enable Integrations and Alerts

To arm / disarm alarm panels in Locations, first:

  1. Enable an Access Control or Intrusion Integration in OWS.
  2. Create an Access Control or Intrusion Alert Rule in OWS.

NOTE: When enabling an integration, add at least one panel in the Device / Camera Mapping tab. 

Navigate to Locations

The arm / disarm state of alarm panels can be set under Management > Locations > Locations.

   Management dropdown Locations Locations.png

Arm / Disarm Location
  1. Choose the Location associated with the Integration from the Locations list.

Locations List Arm Disarm.png

  1. Click on the Location Arming tab. Locations Arming tab.png
  2. Choose the integration from the Alarm State Owner dropdown. This option determines what sets the armed state for this location. If there are no 3rd party intrusion systems integrated, a virtual alarm state can be enabled.

Locations Armed Disarmed Dropdown.png

  1. Click SaveSave Button.png
  2. If the panel is currently in a Disarmed state, click on the arrow Arrow right icon.png and select Arm.

Locations Armed State Disarmed.png

Locations Arm this Location.png

Locations Alarm State Armed.png

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