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Managing Licenses

Use Subscription Management to edit, update, and assign licenses for accounts.
Managing Licenses



Once an End User account has subscriptions enabled, the Subscription Management tab can be used to Edit Subscription Options, select Add-on Services, and Manage Licenses.

Subscription Management tab.png

NOTE: Once Subscription Management is enabled, any recorders that already had licenses will reset back to 0, and licenses will need to be reapplied.

Edit Subscription Options
  1. Click on Edit Subscription Options.
  2. Select Account Tier, Billing Cycle, and Billing Month (if Billing Cycle is Annual) from the dropdown menus.

Edit Subscription Options popup.png

  • Account Tier - Select the license tier. See Features by Licensing Tier for more information on the differences between the tiers.
  • Billing Cycle - Select between a Monthly or Annual billing cycle.
  • Billing Month - If an Annual billing cycle is chosen, select the Billing Month from the dropdown menu.
  • Automatically assign licenses - You can choose to have camera licenses automatically assigned when they are added to a recorder.
  • Automatically purchase licenses - You can check to Automatically purchase licenses if you check Automatically assign licenses and there are not enough licenses available from the Subscription Group for the recorder when new cameras are added to Subscription Management.

NOTE: Auto Licensing requires Apex 3.0 on the device that's performing auto assignment. 

  1. Click Next.

Next Button.png

The Update Subscription Options lists the changes that will go into effect as well as the Quantity, Price Each, and Renewal price for the edits made to the subscription.

Update Subscription Options.png

  1. Click Confirm to complete the edits, Back to make additional edits, or Cancel to exit Edit Subscription Options.

NOTE: Prices vary per tier. Click Learn how fees are calculated for more information on Terms of Use.

NOTE: Subscription Options are available when creating a new account. See Adding a New Account for more information.

NOTE: Click Cancel Subscription to end the Subscription. Type CANCEL and click Cancel Subscription to end the subscription at the end date given.

Cancel Subscription.png

Add on Services

There are several add-on services available for the account. Add-ons give you a greater flexibility to control the content and functionality of your cloud account. Click View available add-on services.

Assign Licenses

Assign licenses to recorders associated with the Channel Partner account.

  1. Click Manage Licenses.

Manage Licenses button.png

  1. Enter the total number of licenses, then Add Licenses or Remove Licenses.

Manage Licenses Total and New Popup.png

  1. Click Next.

Next Button.png

  1. Click Confirm to make the change made to the Recording Licenses.

Manage Licenses Add Licenses.png

NOTE: Click Edit Edit Button.png on a recorder to apply the New Licenses assigned to the device and refresh the page to view the assigned licence count.

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