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Subscription Billing

Once Subscription Management has been enabled for an account, billing information is available for the Channel Partner to view and export.

Billing information can be found under Management > Billing.

Management Billing dropdown.png

Management Billing List.png

Click View for the Billing Summary.

View Button.png

NOTE: Accounts that are set to Annual show Current, Pending, and Upcoming Renewal next to those billing months.

Billing Summary

In the Billing Summary, the accounts with licenses applied to recorders are listed.

Billing Summary.png

Click Show Filters to filter by Account Tier.

Billing Show Filters.png

Click Export to download a spreadsheet of the monthly and annual invoice.

Export spreadsheet button.png

Click View next to an account to view Billing Details.

View Button.png

Billing Details

Billing Details will list price per license for an individual account. 

Billing Summary and Details.png

Click Export to download a spreadsheet of an individual account.

Export spreadsheet button.png

Subscription Alerts

To receive notifications for subscription billing events, go to Settings Gear Icon.png Settings > User Groups and click EditEdit Button.png 

Check the permissions you want to enable for the User Group. Click Save to preserve any changes.

 CP User Groups Channel Partner Permissions.png

Account License

Manage Subscription Management - Allows user to manage the Subscription Management section for End User accounts. User will be able to edit subscription options, add services, and assign camera licenses to companies added to this user group.

View Subscription Management - Allows user to view the Subscription Management section for End User accounts.

View Subscription Audit Log - Allows user to view the Subscription Audit Log for End User accounts.


View Subscription Billing Invoices - Allows user to view billing invoices for subscription accounts. 

Receive Subscription Billing Notifications - Allows user to receive notifications for subscription billing events such as Invoice Ready emails.

NOTE: User Groups do not need to have the Manage Accounts permission checked to enable the View Subscription Billing Invoices and Receive Subscription Billing Notifications.   

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