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OpenEye Web Services is an open ecosystem so you can use your existing IP cameras as well as integrate with your access control, intrusion and point of sale systems. Combining these data points to create alerts with video verification and provide more actionable intelligence to secure and support your business.
Access Control and Intrusion

Receive access control and intrusion event data from partner devices within OWS and link to OpenEye video for verification of the access control or intrusion event. 

View our Access Control and Intrusion Partners. 


Identity Management

Allow your employees to log in to OWS with their existing identity management account and ensure that only authenticated users are granted access. 

View our Identity Management Partners.


Video Analytics

Receive and search events generated by analytics-enabled cameras and devices for real-time alerting and reporting within OWS. 

View our Video Analytics Partners.


Central Stations

Retrieve OpenEye video and OWS event data and view it natively in Central Station platforms.

View our Central Station Partners.



Integrate your POS data with OpenEye video for advanced business intelligence and video verification within OWS.

View our Point-of-Sale Partners.


Business Intelligence

Retrieve OpenEye video and OWS event data and view it natively in third-party platforms.

View our Business Intelligence Partners.


Interested in becoming an OWS Technology Partner? 

Leverage the OWS API to access the OWS alerts engine and remote video connection technologies to receive OpenEye alerts and video in your application. Integrate with OWS to marry your system data, from analytics events to point-of-sale data, with the power of video, providing a greater return on your customer’s investment in your platform as well as their surveillance system. 

Email for more information.

API Integration Support 

OpenEye makes it easy to integrate with us by providing the following resources as needed: 

  • Extensive API documentation to walk through the integration process and what's required 
  • Sample applications or shared source code to edit to fit your needs 
  • Postman samples  
  • Oscar sample application 


The various programmatic interfaces represented in this section outline the different ways OWS connects with partner platforms. 

NOTE: OpenEye reviews all integrations, but does not endorse or certify the products themselves.

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