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Alert Push and Alert Feed

Create an Alert Feed or Alert Push Integration to integrate OWS Alert functionality with a third party platform over an HTTPS based interface.

Enable Alert Feed or Alert Push Integration 
Add Alert Feed or Alert Push Integration

As a web services administrator:

  1. Go to Management > Integrations.

Integrations Dropdown.png

  1. Click the Add New Integration button. Add New Integration Button.png
  2. Select Alert Feed from the list of Integrations.

Integration List Alert Feed.png

  1. Click NextNext Button.png
  2. In the General Settings tab, the Enable Alert Feed integration will already be checked by default. Leave it checked.

Manage Integrations General Settings.png

  1. Select the Alert Feed tab.
  2. Enter a Name and Address for either an Alert Push or an Alert Feed.   

NOTE: More than one Alert Push can be created by clicking add Integration Add Icon.png.

Manage Integrations HTTPS Alert Alert Feed tab.png

  1. For Alert Push, select Generate New Token to generate a token. Generate New Token.png
  2. Click SaveSave Button.png 
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