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OpenEye Web Services API

The OpenEye Web Services (OWS) open ecosystem allows users to integrate their system with third-party platforms including access control, intrusion and point-of-sale systems, among others. Combining these data points to create alerts with video verification and provide more actionable intelligence to secure and support your business.  

View current ecosystem partners here.

OWS allows for several opportunities to integrate with different programmatic interfaces to deliver video and events as well as receive data to and from third parties. Here are some of the ways this is accomplished: 


Video: Pull or View Video from OWS 

  • Windows Library-based Video Retrieval [including .NET interop] 
    • Full-featured video integration via library, for easy rollout to Windows application environments. 
  • HLS and .MP4 Streaming Relay 
    • Deliver live streaming and recorded video to all OS platforms and environments. 
    • Natively stream to web pages, mobile apps, and embedded devices.  
    • Limited video playback capability; advanced playback functions such as Frame-by-Frame are not available.  
    • Supported by OpenEye’s NAT traversal communication model as well as direct connections.  
    • HLS support for streaming to Safari and Apple OS’.  
  • Video Link API Interface (Deep Link API)
    • Leverage the native OpenEye HTML5 web client or mobile applications with a simple generated URL. 
    • Deliver OpenEye video with the recorder, camera, date and time queued up for play. 
    • No third-party player or authorization integration required. 
  • .MP4 Clip Retrieval 
    • Request discrete .MP4 video clips from OWS. 

Images: Pull Images from OWS 

  • Full-featured AWS Hosted Image Link 
    • Enables a user to request an image be uploaded to a shared bucket in OWS for access. 
  • Snapshot API (or direct image retrieval)
    • Allows a third party to call for an image over HTTP from any camera on the recorder at any date/time available. 

OWS Alerts: Pull and Push OWS Alerts, a custom-filtered list of system events occurring at the edge or through other third-party systems, to create a live feed of important events. 

  • HTTPS-based RESTful communication with JSON data format 
    • Alerts are generated at the edge, aggregated, normalized, and communicated through our centralized cloud-based alert feed. 
    • Configure Alerts in OWS to receive a live feed of the events that matter the most to your business.
    • Choose from over 50 different alert types spanning core VMS events, health, intrusion, and video analytics. 

OWS System Data: Pull different data sets from OWS 

  • System Metadata using secure HTTP communication  
    • Gather OpenEye VMS configuration metadata e.g. cameras, streams, resolutions, etc. 
    • Send secure requests using an API Access Key to deliver the following from OWS: 
      • OWS User Data 
      • POS Ticket Data 

Analytic and Access Control Events: Send secure requests to push events to OWS  

  • HTTPS-based RESTful communication with JSON data format
    • Send secure requests to receive the following: 
      • Analytic Events 
      • Access Control Events 
      • Environmental Sensor Events


Interested in becoming an OWS Technology Partner? 

Leverage the OWS API to access the OWS alerts engine and remote video connection technologies to receive OpenEye alerts and video in your application. Integrate with OWS to marry your system data, from analytics events to point-of-sale data, with the power of video, providing a greater return on your customer’s investment in your platform as well as their surveillance system. 

Email for more information.

API Integration Support 

OpenEye makes it easy to integrate with us by providing the following resources as needed: 

  • Extensive API documentation to walk through the integration process and what's required 
  • Sample applications or shared source code to edit to fit your needs 
  • Postman samples  
  • Oscar sample application 


The various programmatic interfaces represented in this section outline the different ways OWS connects with partner platforms. 

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