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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics (ZPA)

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify anomalies in inventory and POS data, that manual reporting processes or other investigative solutions like EBR can’t find. That’s how our retail customers recoup more profit losses at scale. ZPA detects and prioritizes issues that need attention; unlike other solutions, it automatically assigns course-corrective actions to the right workers in real time. It then tracks and valuates execution, so you can measure the financial impact of your actions on the business.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics and OpenEye Web Services (OWS)

This integration allows Zebra Prescriptive Analytics to connect through the OWS cloud portal to access video from OpenEye recorders and display it within the Zebra Prescriptive Analytics application.


Integration Diagrams_Zebra.png

What you get
  • Direct cloud connection between the OWS and Zebra Prescriptive Analytics
  • The ability to view live and recorded video from OWS within Zebra Prescriptive Analytics
  • Video retrieval with no port forwarding, DDNS, or inbound ports open on the network firewall
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