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API Access Integration Instructions

The OWS API Access feature allows users to easily pull data from OWS including user data and POS data or tickets. Once enabled, administrators can create an integration for API Access in OWS. This feature is currently only available to specific customers on request.
Add Integration
  1. In OWS, click on Management > Integrations.

Integrations Dropdown.png

  1. Select Integrations.
  2. Click the Add New Integration button.

Add New Integration Button.png

  1. Select an API Integration and click Next.

NOTE: Integration Management is not available for all End User account types.

Creating an API Key
  1. Select the Management tab.
  2. Choose Integrations from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose an API Integration.

Manage Integrations Event API.png

  1. Select Add Key in API Access Keys.

API Access Keys tab.png

Add Key button.png

  1. Copy the API Secret Key from the dialog box.

API Create New Access Token.png

NOTE: If the secret key is lost, a new API access token must be created.

  1. Click Add to close the dialog box.
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